Private Collections


  • The initial inventory is an opportunity to connect to your wine collection digitally. This service includes organizing the wine by type and vintage within the cellar, a full record of pertinent wine data with numbered locations, suggested consumption dates, current valuation, scores and professional reviews. All this information is available to you on your computer, tablet, or phone. Choose your wine intelligently online by sorting by varietal, region, vintage, producer, price, drink-by date, or score before you enter the cellar. Locate bottles effortlessly, uncork, and enjoy.


  • Following the initial inventory, ongoing cellar maintenance is offered to those who prefer a hands-off approach to managing their wine inventory. this service is designed to keep your inventory accurate and the cellar tidy on a monthly, seasonal, or as-needed basis.


  • Don’t own it, or want to track down more? we source wine from reputable retailers, auction houses, and private collections to find wines and spirits at all prices. The Cellar Savant arranges shipping, and cellar maintenance is available to add purchases directly to your cellar.


  • When it comes time to sell a portion of, or all of your collection, The cellar savant works with LEADING auction houses and retail stores to achieve your sales goals.


  • Moving a collection across town or across the country is a task that requires a team of professionals to inventory, pack, transport, and install into the new cellar.


  • The cellar savant will manage cellar emergencies that require immediate attention to facilitate a short-term move and temporary off-site storage.


  • This service is Similar to the initial inventory, but for the primary purpose of establishing the value of the collection.